Why aren't candles dropping items?

Just as in the vanilla game, you need Cube of Zoe for candles to drop items.

Why does generating a seed take so long?

It's complicated. It also depends on which platform you're using. The best performance is acheived by running the randomize utility from command line (see github repository for info).

The next best option is using Chrome, which is only slightly slower than command line.

The slowest option tested is Firefox, which is often 10x slower than command line or Chrome.

Is my seed broken/softlocked/unbeatable?

First, be sure to check the spoilers to make sure you're not missing anything; randomize your game using the same seed, but with "Show spoilers", "Show relic locations", and "Show solutions" checked. Read through the relic locations and solutions before continuing.

Usually when people ask this, it's because they randomized a bad rip or a disc image that had previously been randomized. The best thing to do is to first compare your disc image hash to the hash on redump. If you don't know how to get the hash of your game, use this tool.

If you've checked the solutions and verified you're using a vanilla rip of the game, you might have found a bug. Please fill out the appropriate bug report template, or post your seed in the #randomizer channel in The Long Library.

Do I need to know any glitches in order to complete a seed?

The only time you are expected to perform glitches in order to complete a seed is when using the "Glitch" preset. Aside from that, no glitches are required to beat seeds.

The infinite peanut isn't randomized. Is this on purpose?